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Finance and Accountancy Salary Guide
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2024/25 Finance and Accountancy Salary Guide

​Our 2024/2025 Salary Guide is here!

In April 2024, we released the ninth version of our Finance and Accountancy Salary and Benefits Guide with new guidance on Executive Search and Interim Management.

We break down the average salary ranges for 2024 changes to the employee market from entry-level roles to director-level roles across Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Wiltshire, and Surrey.

With the cost of living crisis having a huge impact on the world of recruitment, we also delve into the changes to employee benefits such as holiday allowance/pay, pension, and car allowance with analysis of trends such as flexible working.

Finance and Accountancy Salary Guide

Our salary guide is a great benchmark for salary bandings in your team and will ensure you are keeping up with the fluctuating market and improving your retention rates.

Executive Search and Interim Management Salaries

Unsurprisingly, the higher cost of living has led to higher salaries across most roles, which has allowed employees to keep up with rising prices and manage everyday expenses. This alongside employers encouraging a move back to office work means that employees are more likely to start looking for a new role with higher pay and flexible working.

You can download your free copy of our salary guide here to help you review salary bandings in your team.