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Privacy Policy


Chilworth Partnership Ltd is a recruitment business which aims to provide employment to its candidates and to fill its clients’ vacancies. We also trade as Venture Recruitment Partners, and this document applies equally to both, although we shall refer to Chilworth Partnership Ltd for ease.

In order to provide our services, Chilworth Partnership Ltd must process personal data. This Privacy Notice details the personal data we may collect about you as a candidate or client. It also explains how we store and handle your data and the measures we take to ensure its safety. We will only use your data in accordance with this notice.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

Chilworth Partnership Ltd collects your personal data, including sensitive personal data, and processes this data to provide work finding and recruitment services.

  1. What is our lawful basis?

Regulations state that all businesses must have a valid lawful basis in order to process personal data. The lawful bases we rely upon are:

A. Legal Compliance
We may need to collect and process your data if the law requires it.

B. Consent
With your consent, we may collect and process your data. Throughout the recruitment process, Chilworth Partnership Ltd uses your consented and specified personal data to deliver our services.

C. Contractual Obligations
Your personal data may sometimes be required to comply with our contractual obligations, such as progressing an application or preparing a contract.

D. Legitimate Interest

We may use your data to exercise our legitimate business interests. This might include using your email address to send you direct marketing updates and information about our services or events which could be of interest to you.

  1. What personal data do we record?

Chilworth Partnership Ltd collects and records personal data about candidates. This includes but is not limited to: name, contact details, employment history and salary, references and membership details.

Clients’ personal data is also required to carry out recruitment services; this includes but is not limited to: name, company details such as address, phone number, email address and registration details, structure, contact information and details of the role(s).

This information is stored on our internal database. This is a secure database which can only be accessed by authorised Chilworth Partnership Ltd employees.

  1. How and when do we collect personal data?

Chilworth Partnership Ltd will never knowingly collect more personal data than is strictly necessary.

We collect personal data via our website, social media platforms and independent job boards. Candidates and clients also voluntarily provide us with personal data when using our services. Candidates’ personal information is collected during face-to-face meetings, telephone and email correspondence and reference checks. Clients’ personal information is collected during meetings, telephone calls and events attended, or hosted, by Chilworth Partnership Ltd.

During the work finding and recruitment process, we may view public social media profiles and/or other publicly available information. Under no circumstances will this data be collected or processed.

  1. How and why do we use personal data?

4a. Candidates’ personal data
Chilworth Partnership Ltd collects personal data to fulfil its contractual obligations as a recruitment business and to best service you in your job search. We add all personal data to our secure internal database and scan any paper documents accordingly. Chilworth Partnership Ltd uses data collected to:

  • Find suitable roles for you

  • Submit your CV and required information to suitable and relevant clients

  • Communicate with you throughout your job search

  • Process payroll where applicable

  • Comply with relevant statutory requirements

  • Update you with business and industry wide events and announcements which may be of interest

  • Undertake research and analysis to improve our services

4b. Clients’ personal data
Chilworth Partnership Ltd collects and uses company data and/or personal data of its clients to fulfil its contractual obligations as a recruitment business. We add all relevant data to our secure internal database and scan any paper documents accordingly. Chilworth Partnership Ltd uses data collected to:

  • Discuss present and future recruitment requirements

  • Match candidates to vacancy requirements

  • Provide you with candidates’ CVs and relevant information

  • Process credit checks and raise invoices

  • Manage recruitment cycle processes

  • Update you with business and industry wide events and announcements which may be of interest

  • Undertake research and analysis to improve our services

4c. Any other activities
Chilworth Partnership Ltd reserves the right to process personal data if required to comply with the law or to protect an individual.

  1. Who are the recipient(s) of personal data?

Chilworth Partnership Ltd processes your personal data as outlined above. We may share this data with prospective employers (candidates’ personal data) and/or prospective candidates (clients’ job role(s) and company information). We only ever share personal data with clients who have a legitimate interest and will always seek your permission from the outset.

Data Sharing, Protection, Retention and Deletion

  1. How do we share and/or disclose personal data?

Chilworth Partnership Ltd will never reveal any personal data about you to any third party, except as set out herein (see point 5) or where required by law.

In the case of selling the whole or a substantial part of Chilworth Partnership Ltd, your data may be disclosed to the purchasing individual or company. This also applies to any individual or business to whom we may transfer any part of our rights or obligations. In such cases, we will advise you of the situation. Data may be disclosed where necessary to operate in accordance with business guidelines, specific regulations or legal and/or judicial requirements.

  1. How do we protect personal data?

Security of your personal data is of utmost importance. Because it’s so important to us, we’ve taken a number of appropriate steps to protect your data:

  • We have limited access to our network and data storage locations

  • Our IT systems are managed by Tailor Made Technologies Ltd which takes regular, necessary and preventative precautions to maximise security

  • All computer systems and relevant programs are password-protected

Further information on the security features of our system is available on request.

  1. How do we retain and/or delete personal data?

We only keep your personal data for as long as is necessary to fulfil its purpose.

Your information will be retained while you are active in your job search, unless you request deletion of your account or data. If you have completed temporary assignments on our behalf, your data will be retained for a period of up to six years in accordance with UK statute.

For those no longer active in their job search, we will store your personal data for two years, citing legitimate business interest under the GDPR. At the end of this period, your data will be deleted.

Chilworth Partnership Ltd reserves the right to retain personal data if required to comply with the law or to protect an individual.

Protecting Personal Data Online

  1. How do we use cookies on our websites?

Our websites (www.chilworthpartnership.co.ukandwww.vrpartners.co.uk) use cookies. Cookies are small data files which many websites transfer to your hard disk to collect information regarding your user journey. We use cookies to analyse your visiting patterns and preferences on our websites. The information we collect shapes future content and allows us to deliver a more personalised service.

Using our websites mean you consent to cookies being used as outlined above. You can adjust your browser settings to disable cookies or to warn you before accepting them. Most parts of our websites can be accessed with cookies disabled but there may be some parts of the sites that cannot be accessed if your cookies are turned off.

  1. How do we use online personal data?

We use the information we collect via cookies to help us understand how our websites are used, to make relevant improvements to our sites and to send you information about us which might interest you, electronically or otherwise.

In the case of our online publications available through subscription, your personal data may be used to enable us to verify if you are a subscriber and to deliver the online publication to you.

Unless you have informed us that you do not wish to receive further information about our services and those of our affiliates and partners, they and we may send you direct mail.

  1. When do we share online personal data?

We do not sell your personal data to others.

Third parties host some of our products and we have agreed with those third parties that they will keep your information secure and not use it for other purposes. If you sign up for services that are managed or offered by other organisations, they will obtain your personal data.

A number of other websites have links on our sites. If you link to these sites, they may collect data about you. Such sites are out of our control and are not covered by this Privacy Notice. We sometimes provide links to other websites and do this in good faith and for information only. We disclaim any responsibility for the materials contained in any website linked to our sites.
If we believe that your use of our sites is unlawful or damaging to others, we reserve the right to disclose any data we have obtained about you to the extent that is reasonably necessary to prevent, remedy or take action in relation to such conduct.

Your Rights Around Personal Data

Under the GDPR, you have:

  • The right to be informed and to access the personal data we hold about you

  • The right to rectify any incorrect, out of date or incomplete personal data

  • The right to erasure of your personal data in most circumstances

  • The right to restrict processing of your personal data

  • The right to object to your personal data being used for a legitimate interest

  • The right to withdraw consent at any time

  • The right to refuse direct marketing

You can exercise these rights at any time. Before proceeding with any request you make under this Privacy Notice, we will ask you to verify your identity.

Contact Us

Chilworth Partnership Ltd
Telephone: 02380 111 813

If you believe that your data protection rights have not been adhered to, you have the right to raise concerns with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We will update this Privacy Notice as and when necessary. We’ll let you know if we make any substantial changes.

Legal Notices

Chilworth Partnership Ltd reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to review, edit or delete any materials which is deemed defamatory, unlawful, threatening, obscene or otherwise objectionable.

All materials on our websites are the copyright of Chilworth Partnership Ltd or are reproduced with permission from other copyright owners. All rights are reserve. The materials on our websites may be retrieved and downloaded solely for personal use. No materials may otherwise be copied, modified, published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without the prior written permission of Chilworth Partnership Ltd.

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Chilworth Partnership Ltd makes no warranties or representations of any kind concerning the accuracy or suitability of the information contained on our websites for any purpose. In no event shall Chilworth Partnership Ltd, its employees or agents be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from the use of our websites.