Being a sustainable business is important to us and is at the heart of our values - to have accountability.

We recognise that the existence of Chilworth, and our sister company Venture Recruitment Partners, contributes to our planet's carbon emissions which is why we decided to partner with Carbon Neutral Britain in 2024.

With their help, we measured our scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions for the whole of 2023. That was our business travel, commutes to and from the office for the whole year, the waste we produced, and the energy we used.

To offset this impact, we chose to invest in the internationally recognised Woodland Fund which not only reduces carbon emissions in the air, but revitalizes ecosystems, combats poverty, and creates sustainable communities and job opportunities.

We own the impact that we have on the planet and ensure we take action to reverse it.

By choosing to invest in the Woodland Fund, we are supporting the Blue Carbon Mangrove Restoration in Pakistan.

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​We're also investing in:

  • The reforestation of degraded land in Uruguay

  • ​Creation of a new forest in Marston Vale

  • Improved biodiversity and mixed reforestation in Costa Rica

We are committed to improving the sustainability of our business and improving the quality of life on our planet.

Image 2024 04 12 T09 33 10
Image 2024 04 12 T09 33 10

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